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  • HKCoin : HKCoin ICO
    Hi everybody, Hackcoeur has launched its first ICO under the name of HKCoin. This will be the first participatory ICO, ie you can not only invest, but that you can participate physically in the realization of the project initiated by this ICO. Indeed, once the ICO launched and well done we may need your skill, either to give courses or
  • HKCoin : Whitepaper, the last 3 questions?, les 3 dernières question ?
    Whitepaper more With the HackCore Coin (HKCoin), We respond by realizing 5 questions, in the first article, you had the opportunity to see the 2 first questions, in this article the 3 other questions are exposed to you, then we will go to the answer and finally we'll show you how to make everything profitable for our investors. Here are the 3 que
  • HKCoin : Whitelist
    WHitelist Bonjour à tous, Depuis ce jour 08h une whitelist sur notre serveur Hackcoeur Coin est mise en place ! La procédure d'ajout est disponible ici : Les personnes intéresser à investir dans l'économie participative, peuvent être ajoutés à la whitelist ! Les personnes inscrite